When the Corrections bargaining team went to the table for a new contract, they came away with great improvements and no concessions – in short, the best contract Corrections has had in years!

The 2018-21 collective agreement is now finalized and available to all members online. Printing of hard copies is delayed due to the pandemic, but will be done once restrictions have been lifted.

2018-21 Corrections Bargaining Unit Collective Agreement

Here are some highlights from the new agreement – scroll down for details on each gain!

  • Great wage increases
  • Better benefits
  • More time off
  • Fairness for fixed-term employees (FxTs)
  • Stronger union representation
  • Overtime distributed fairly
  • Classification names that reflect our work

Great wage increases!

7.5% general wage increase over four years for all Corrections Bargaining Unit members.


  • +7% special adjustment increase over 4 years for Correctional Officers and Youth Workers (that’s 14.5% total!)
  • +3% special adjustment increase over 4 years for Probation Officers, Probation and Parole Officers, and Nurses (that’s 10.5% total!)
  • +$200 lump sum payment for members previously in the Unified Bargaining Unit working in a Correctional Bargaining Unit workplace as of July 1, 2017, and still employed as of April 1, 2019.

Better benefits!

Psychological services: pushing back on per-half-hour caps!

  • No more caps for correctional officers and youth workers per half-hour (up to $1,400 per year).
  • Everyone else: Per-half-hour cap raised from $25 to $40 (a 60% increase!)

Catastrophic drug coverage: Now mandatory for all members.

Out-of-country medical coverage: Optional coverage now available to all members.

More time off!

Longer pregnancy leave:

  • Six more weeks for FxTs and seasonal employees while continuing to earn credits (without pay).

Broader bereavement leave:

  • Foster children added to bereavement leave for regular, seasonal and fixed-term employees.

More CTO hours:

  • 60 hours of CTO can still be banked.
  • 40 additional hours of CTO can be banked until December 31, 2021.

Better vacation pay for FxTs:

  • 6% vacation pay in lieu for FxTs and seasonal workers of five or more years (up from 4% for FxTs and 5.75% for seasonal workers previously).

Fairness for FxTs!

More seniority, better mobility, and a better chance at full time with rollovers!

Contract transfer process for FxTs:

  • There will be a contract transfer process that will allow FxTs to transfer their contract to another worksite.

Seniority credits increased:

  • FxTs will now get seniority credits for every straight-time hour worked since January 1, 2018.

NEW! Rollovers for all non-Correctional Officer, non-Youth Officer, non-Probation Officer and non-Probation and Parole Officer FxTs:

  • All non-CO, non-YO, non-PO and non-PPO FxTs now have recruitment agreements that incorporate rollovers to fill vacant full-time positions.

Stronger union representation!

More time to find a union rep

  • Members now have more time to find a union representative. If you can’t find someone immediately to attend a meeting with the employer, the meeting can be rescheduled within 48 hours.

Corrections representation on the Joint Insured Benefits Committee

  • Two Corrections reps on the JIBRC: one from SolGen and one from MCCSS. That means Corrections will be represented when our members’ benefits appeals and disputes go to the JIBRC.

A stronger MERC team

  • The Corrections MERC team now has an additional multi-category union-side MERC member.

Health care positions stay in the Correctional Bargaining Unit

  • If oversight of correctional health care services transfers to another ministry, all members who work in corrections health care will stay in the Correctional Bargaining Unit. (A victory for correctional nurses!)

Overtime distributed fairly!

Overtime offered to full-time members first; better chance for FxT members to get 40 hour weeks

  • When overtime is distributed properly, FxTs have a better opportunity to work 40 regular hours in a week and maximize their credits earned.

Classification names reflect our work!

This sets the stage for wake hikes in the next round of bargaining.

  • Registered Practical Nurse (formerly Psychiatric Nursing Assistant)
  • Nurse Practitioner (formerly Public Health Nurse 3)
  • Mental Health Nurse (formerly N3 General Nurses who work as mental health nurses)
  • Facilities Mechanic/Facilities Technician (formerly Maintenance Mechanic)

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Ontario Public Service
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Monday to Friday
8:30 am to 4:30 pm


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