OPS Correctional Bargaining Team 2021

Your elected Correctional Bargaining team members are as follows:

Bargaining Team Chair (elected by bargaining team members): Janet Laverty, Local 108
Bargaining Team Vice-Chair (elected by bargaining team members): Adam Cygler, Local 229

Correctional officer representative: Janet Laverty, Local 108
Correctional officer representative: Todd Snider, Local 119
Correctional officer representative: Joshua Miller, Local 678
Correctional officer representative: Richard Dionne, Local 369
Youth services officer representative: Peter Harding, Local 337
Probation and parole officer representative: Scott McIntyre, Local 633
Probation officer representative: Johanna Sinclair, Local 314
Probation and parole officer or probation officer representative: Denise Sidsworth, Local 263
Multi-category representative: Michelle Canning, Local 368
Member-at-large representative: Sean Dunn, Local 368
Fixed-term members representative: Zachary Fildey, Local 234
Corrections institutional health care representative: Adam Cygler, Local 229
Corrections Unified (ADM/OAD/OPM/TEC) representative: Carol Frost, Local 719

Correctional Bargaining Team Alternates

Correctional officer:
1st Alternate: Peter Figliola, Local 234
2nd Alternate: Ryan Gilchrist, Local 368
3rd Alternate: Michael Cranley, Local 467
4th Alternate: Marko Mrmak, Local 252

Youth services officer:
1st Alternate: Tom Gibson, Local 220

Probation and parole officer:
1st Alternate: Rhonda Slaven, Local 455
2nd Alternate: Neena Sharma-Kendrick, Local 102
3rd Alternate: Loretta Willard, Local 372

Probation officer:
1st Alternate: Carol Green, Local 455
2nd Alternate: Pamela Pitcher, Local 222

Probation and parole officer or probation officer:
1st Alternate: Thomas Moffat, Local 601
2nd Alternate: Alexandra Cazabon, Local 424
3rd Alternate: Todd Parish, Local 115

1st Alternate: Erica Winkworth, Local 234

Fixed-term members:
1st Alternate: Eric Miller, Local 467
2nd Alternate: Elizabeth Atienza, Local 5112
3rd Alternate: Jamie Serf, Local 119

Corrections institutional health care:
1st Alternate: Netsai Homera, Local 411
2nd Alternate: Casey Stewart, Local 5112
3rd Alternate: Candon Jackson, Local 369

Corrections Unified (ADM/OAD/OPM/TEC):
1st Alternate: Elaine Barnes, Local 229
2nd Alternate: Brett Gregg, Local 372
3rd Alternate: Vivonie Heslop, Local 551

1st Alternate: Tom Gibson, Local 220
2nd Alternate: Thomas Moffat, Local 601
3rd Alternate: Elaine Barnes, Local 229

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