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Courts Impose House Arrest & Curfews on Offenders But Who's Monitoring?

Windsor Star

Yet another example of the Courts imposing house arrest and curfew conditions on offenders under the supervision of Probation & Parole Officers.  Police and Probation Services don’t routinely monitor such conditions so what’s the sense in placing offenders on such orders if they’re not being monitored? It’s time that the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services gets serious about this crisis and creates a ‘Community Corrections Compliance Unit.’


Probation Offender Weapons Offence

Media report of weapons charges against offender on Probation clearly evidences that there are offenders on probation that jeopardize public safety and that Corrections hasn’t a system to monitor offenders in the community. Union asserts the necessity for the the creation of a ‘Community Corrections Compliance Unit.’

Offenders Under Probation Supervision Charged with Loaded Shotgun and Drug Possession

CBC News

The Probation & Parole system in Ontario is broken and Offenders know it, referring to it “as a joke.” As evidenced by the media report above where 2 offenders under Probation Supervision were caught by police with a loaded shotgun, drugs and a stolen vehicle, Public Safety is at significant risk on account of Probation & Parole Offenders not being supervised in our communities. When will the Gov’t create a ‘Community Corrections Compliance Unit?’

Offender on Probation Goes On To Commit Serious Arson

Owen Sound Sun Times

This is yet another example of what happens when Probation Offenders are left unmonitored in our communities. Public safety is at risk.
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